Welcome to my blog, uffoodforthot! My name is Craig Cummings and I am a Junior at THE University of Florida. I am currently studying English here. Fortunately, my educational path has led me to cross with my current professor, Gregory Ulmer. I am taking Internet Literature 3400 with Prof. Ulmer. Heading into the class, I perceived that it was the study of literature relative to the internet. Anyone in my class would now say this is exactly what the class does, but my understanding of literature at the time was far from what this class looks to emphasis. I assumed we would be looking at the literature I have studied my whole life; poetry, short stories, etc. Although these forms of literature can pertain to our subject of study, they are small pieces in the world of E-Lit, internet literature. The class looks to emphasis the importance of why we enjoy literature, the aesthetic value each piece takes on when viewed by the individual.

Professor Ulmer has created a curriculum that outlines and builds up to our final project, this blog. Here I look to explain my own personal experiences learning this new media and how it has affected me. I will explain the core values of literature as told by Italo Calvino in “Six Memos for the New Millennium”. Aside from just explaining these qualities in full, I will explain my own personal journey through the work and how the qualities relate to works of E-Lit. I will give valuable advice as to how I evaluated the memos. Lastly, I will explain my own taste for aesthetics.

Please feel free to explore my blog in full and comment on my posts. Fortunately, my posts are strictly opinion based from the knowledge I have gained through this class, so your comments can not be “wrong”. Enjoy!


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