I have spent a lot of time on this blog, discussing viewpoints of famous writers, theorists, and some of the greatest minds of our world. I have mentioned my opinion relative to their ideas and work. Here I plan to express some of my own personal tastes. While looking through the qualities that Calvino defined in his book, “Six New Memos for the New Millennium”, I did not immediately associate with one of them. Over time I began to notice my own personal aesthetic interests, which lead me to the quality that best defines me, exactitude. Calvino discusses that exactitude has two poles, exactitude and vagueness. He discusses the importance of each. I must admit that I definitely lean-to one side of that scale. I would define myself as a very exact person. I find that I enjoy work that is as exact as possible. I only want to know what is important. I find no value in “fluff”. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for me to appreciate the small things in life, but to me that is where importance is the least. I am far from ever being a Gadda of our time, but I can see why he strived to know everything and then express it to others. Knowledge is captivating.

An emblem I would use for myself is a dictionary. A dictionary only defines the word with possibility a simple example to better understand. A dictionary has no room for “fluff”. Vagueness finds no value here. Aside from the dictionary being one of the most exact books written, it does its best to cover every word used in the language. As I mentioned, I would rather know a little about everything, then know everything about a few things.

My emblem leads me directly to a motto I have learned to live by, “Knowledge is Power”. I truly believe this is a motto to model your life after. Knowledge is something that can never cost too much, it can never be taken by another human, and never runs dry. It is something that can even the playing field no matter how big, strong or powerful someone is. I look to expand my knowledge at any chance. I truly strive to be a “know-it-all”.


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