Aesthetics II

The motto I selected as my own personal motto for part one was ‘knowledge is power’. I derived this motto from my connection with one of Calvino’s qualities, exactitude. For part two I selected “Old School” as my literature adaptation. While I was visualizing my selection in the media of film, I noticed that my motto and quality selected from part one was very applicable to “Old School”. The narrator reveals little to no unnecessary information. The character is constantly building his profile so that the reader can continue to delve into his life. The story does a good job of conveying the specifics of a young boy’s life within just a couple hundred pages.

As I mentioned in other pages, I believe the true value of the story is found in the honesty of the narrator. This is where I find application of my motto from part one, ‘knowledge is power’. The more knowledge that the narrator reveals to the reader, the farther the reader can crawl into the mind of the boy. This is where a true connection to the narrator can be made.


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