I vote ‘Research Paper’ over ‘Learning Screen” ten times out of ten, or so I thought. I am an English major because I enjoy the order of it. I enjoy grammar and selected exactitude as my Calvino quality. I have always enjoyed writing research papers because it was comfortable to me. Although many would say that I study a humanity, I have rarely taken the time to appreciate the arts. My mind began to change as I began reading Calvino. His memos, although difficult at the time, were some of the most intriguing words I have read and truly shifted some of my views on literature. Along with the combination of the other readings, I was able to begin to appreciate the true value of literature and what it takes to create aesthetically pleasing work.

If I were to research the concepts that we studied this semester and tried to write a research paper on them, well I have a feeling that the information that I found important would be far from what Calvino would select. I also believe I would find that my understanding of the information would be incorrect and I would move on in my life ignorant to the subject. With the research revolving around a learning screen, I was able to look at the information in a new light, thus allowing me to delve into my true aesthetics. The value I gained from the learning through a Learning Screen rather than a research paper was unmeasurable.


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