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I’m sure I’m going out on a limb here but I see the E-Lit work, “AH”, as having an emblem of marijuana. Although I am not an advocate for the use of marijuana, the idea of its effects personifies the idea behind “AH”. Advocates of marijuana, aside from its medical benefits, preach that the narcotic allows users to move to a “higher” place and see the world from a different perspective. Artists have claimed that the use of marijuana has given them the ability to see the piece of art in a new light, allowing the artist to improve and make the piece more in tuned with the original idea. This emblem, although attached to a negative idea, can be relatable to most people, even non-users can relate to the stereotypes that the effects hold. Calvino discusses that everyone should look to move to a better perspective on life because our world has dense views. Like the narrator of “AH” did, marijuana can take you to a higher perspective without having to force the perspective change.


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