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Calvino is very specific when defining the subject of his last written memo, multiplicity; “the contemporary novel as an encyclopedia, as a method of knowledge, and above all as a network of connections between the events, the people, and the things of the world”. Calvino discusses multiplicity through the writings of some of the greatest minds. He explains that the multiplicity of ideas is infinite. Some great minds try to write books that discussed literally everything in the world. These are some of the extreme cases of multiplicity. Tobias Wolff is able to convey a sense of multiplicity much simpler. The story is made up of specific events in the boy’s life that all connect to lead him to where he was in the end. Each section of the story was important in its own right. Wolff does not show the connection of one boy and all those who interacted with him, but Wolff does show the connection between a simple action in a boy’s life and the effects it can have on the rest of his life.


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