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The E-Lit work I selected to best describe lightness is a work done by K Micheal and Dirk Vis and is called “AH”. The authors have an inconsistent message flow across the screen. The message discusses a simple, yet life changing idea that the author realizes while singing in the shower. The work exemplifies lightness because the author uses a simple action to describe an idea that, to the author, describes the lightness of the world. The message discusses a new perspective on life, similar to that of Perseus. The work is able to discuss an idea that although is important, has very little weight. The author discusses the lack of time and how everything in the world is connected and similar in some way. He does this by simply using an awkward jumble of words flowing across the screen with the word Ah breaking up the sentence. The world Ah usually correlates with the feeling of satisfaction. The author is able to capture this feeling of satisfaction by becoming light enough to “fly away” to a new perspective on life. The sentence that flows across the screen also discusses the idea that Einstein uses for this thought process about the world and tells of how he studied for years and yet the author realized this by simply singing in the shower.


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