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Graphic Design

I was overlooking the options for the graphic design elements we can use to best describe our selection of E-Lit in “Graphic Design The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips. I noticed the first major elements discussed is Point, Line, Plane. These three elements are considered the “building blocks of design”. I assumed I would not find an E-Lit work that these elements could be used to shows the core aesthetic value. Then I realized that they are the core elements that allow the comics in Alan Bigelow’s “Brainstrips” to convey the images that help show the author’s meaning behind the piece. The comics are a combination of points, lines and planes. They are very basic and show little dimensional quality. Calvino discusses that images are an important part of aesthetics and without the simple elements of points, lines, and planes, these images would not be able to be drawn.


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