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In part one, I selected “A Land Remembered” as a piece of work that exemplified visibility. I believe this to be true because, as Calvino says,  the novel starts “bringing forth forms and colors from the lines of black letters on a white page”. My selection for the learning screen was “Old School”. Before I begin to relate my selection to visibility, I must admit that I think that the imagery present in “A Land Remembered” is incomparable in quality to most fiction work but once again, this is an extreme case of visibility. “Old School” does not convey the scenery of each situation as well as the author of “A Land Remembered” but Tobias Wolff does do a good job in conveying the scenery through the thoughts of the narrator.

As I was thinking about the images to display in my visibility ‘blox’ I began to hit a blank. The quality of the novel that applies to visibility is the imagery that Wolff inserts into the narrator’s head. I looked for some images that might convey this idea but then I began to think about what Calvino says. He mentions that the letters should come off the page and turn into the image for the reader to picture. Since this is what the story did for me as a reader I decided to make in image of letters turning into the images of the story.


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