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“…you breathed it in with the smell of floor wax and wool and boys living close together in overheated rooms.”

– narrator in “Old School”

This is one of many quotes from Tobias Wolff’s “Old School” that convey the sense of visibility that Calvino thoroughly discusses in his book, “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”. Calvino conveys his concern that our generation is losing the ability to close our eyes and imagine an original image or feeling an original feeling. He fears we will lose our ability to turn black and white letters on a page into a captivating feeling. Wolff uses the boy narrator as a venue to describe the surroundings of the stories as well as the characters. The narrator expresses his thoughts on the physical appearance of each character. He also explains his opinions on their character as people. This allows Wolff to reveal images of theĀ surroundings without distracting the reader.

On my ‘Calvino’s Visibility’ page, I discussed “A Land Remembered” as the book that I have read in the past and thought it exemplified visibility. The story does an incredible job at revealing the unexplored lands of early Florida visually. If I were to not have selected “Old School” as my literature piece for adaptation to film, I would have selected “A Land Remembered”. This story, like “Old School”, would do great justiceĀ  being put to film.


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