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Sandy Baldwin’s “New Word Order: Basra” is an E-Lit work that conveys quickness very well. The work consists of a virtual¬†game where the viewer is a person (known as Basra)¬†holding a weapon. The viewer uses the weapon to destroy and disfigure words of a Billy Collins poem. The short abstract one reads before the work describes how the author was looking to convey a sense of disfiguring of the language of the poem. This E-Lit work does this the quickest and most literal way, by allowing the viewer to destroy the work with weapons. The E-lit work uses quickness as a core value. The author was looking for the quickest way to convey the message and did so very well. Similar to Calvino, Baldwin also selected a media that is popular and relatable, like the horse Calvino used. Baldwin used online gaming to express her thoughts. Online gaming is largest demographic of new media usage.


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