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In “Old School”, the narrator’s simple language gives the story the quality of lightness. Calvino says that lightness can be defined as  the narration of a train of thought or psychological process. The entire novel is told through the narration of the boy. As I was looking through Seger to find instruction, I stumbled across the section titled “The Reflective Voice”. In this section, Seger discusses the importance of a character revealing  his or her character traits. They can do this simply by speaking and allowing the reader to listen to the dialect and language the character uses. The narrator does not reveal his name, but aside from that, the reader can figure almost everything else about the narrator. Just by revealing his thoughts on each event, the narrator reveals his personal traits. The language of the narrator is not only the essence of lightness according to Calvino, but also serves as the building block for Cornell’s reflective voice.


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