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When discussing the value of multiplicity in literature, the concept of quantity must combine with the already present concept of quality. It is important to make sure to look for all the connections that a subject of study can make but to only take the connections out to a respectable degree. Calvino uses examples of literature by some of the greatest minds of our time. These man tried to write books that would be encyclopedic novels, novels about everything. They conveyed the essence of multiplicity to the max. They believed they could connect all knowledge. The examples of their unfinished works are, like other Calvino examples, the extreme condition for multiplicity. Works can have the quality of multiplicity without taking it to the extremes of such great minds as Carlo Emilio Gadda.

This was the one quality where the ‘blox’ did not give me any trouble. I could easily picture my images that I would put in the ‘blox’. In “Old School”, the narrator becomes so obsessed with a piece of work that was not his that he begins to believe it is his. His reality is skewed from that of actual reality. All of the important events in the story lead up to this final break down of the boy. If the boy would have made just one different choice in his life, he could have possibly avoided such a down fall. For my ‘blox’ I have a timeline running through the middle of the box. The timeline has small images and a short description of events that occurred. It also shows how they were connected. Then, coming off of the timeline, is an alternate timeline, one that shows what the boy thought was occurring in his own reality. These two timelines show the connection between the events in his life.


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