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Modeling my collage after the boxes that Cornell made famous, I made a ‘blox’ that represents the lightness in the novel “Old School” by Tobias Wolff. The ‘blox’ depicts a book being held up in the air by some words with varying sizes. At the base of the words supporting the book is the smallest sized letters. These are simple words that are said by the young boy who narrates the novel. They are at the base because the lightness of these simple words are what hold up the meaning and theme behind the book. The light language of the boy is not only at the base of the meaning and theme, it is also at the base of the entire book as well as the base for value of the whole book. This ‘blox’, reflecting the work that Cornell did on his boxes, represents where the reader can find the value of the story. The narrator conveys a sense of truth in his words by expressing his most inner thoughts. The language of his thoughts is one of simple explanations but is able to convey the story in full.


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