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As I have browsed over just about every E-Lit work from the anthology, I found myself only looking for works that seemed applicable to my blog, never enjoying them. I finally found a piece of E-Lit that I can use and actually enjoy a lot. Oni Buchanan created a piece called “The Mandrake Vehicles“. It consists of three installments, each of which similar. They have 7 steps in which the viewer must take. The first step starts with a large paragraph of words. Each step then takes out selected letters, changing the entire paragraph to a smaller and totally different message. This goes on until the 7th step where the paragraph is dwindled down to just a few lines. The E-Lit exemplifies multiplicity on a small but accurate scale, but unfortunately in the reverse. The letters are like the subjects of a novel and their connection is unlimited and can lead a person in any direction. Just by eliminating a few letters, the entire meaning changes. This shows you that all letters and words are connected in some degree. I mentioned that the E-Lit was in reverse and that is because the paragraph actually gets smaller, rather than expanding, but the process of the connections of the letters and words is still relevent.


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